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Who we are:

We are the H/R department for a premier Debt Resolution firm that sells individual Debt Settlement solutions of all kinds all over the United States. Once you have read this thoroughly we will answer any other questions you may have at that point. We get way too many calls in the front office where we are conducting day to day business. That is why we try and get all of the calls pertaining to a position here with us directed to our department because this reduces some of the calls and confusion.


We are a stand-out firm in the Debt Relief industry. The “Senior Debt Specialist” position that we are interviewing for provides a solid opportunity for the right candidate. The paid training and coaching includes both live and webinar training, quoting CRM software management and continuing education from some of the top coaches in the country. Our quoting system and the software we use has been exclusively developed for what we do and how we do it. Our technology and lead generation techniques are light years ahead of the competition. Using the Internet (the way we do) for a sales platform is a totally different way of doing business when compared to the debt industry of the past 20 years. It is without a doubt the future of debt enrollment sales. Many of our agents are able to do their first sale in only a few days, a process that use to take over a month! We sell debt solution services in all 50 states.

Once training has been completed the Agent has all the tools needed to do this job very successfully. The time and expense of the training and software is one of th e reasons it is very necessary for us to make sure of the sincerity and commitment the candidate is willing to make to the firm. This is a career opportunity, not just a job. We look for the best of the best when it comes to the candidates we place in this position before investing our time and money in them.

General information regarding position:

The income you make depends a lot on the time you are willing to put in and how proficient you become at the systems we teach you. An agent’s income should continue to climb annually, and will, with our system and guidance. If you do things the way you are trained, you will be very successful! This is an income driven opportunity that will definitely allow a person to achieve a lifetime of financial security.


You will only begin to earn money once you have finished training and as soon as you are selling Debt settlement products. The Senior Debt Specialists are the highest paid positions here. The income for this position will be a minimum of 60K – 120k or better the first year. Like any other profession there are people who excel and are more driven and ambitious than others. We always look for the driven ones!

Why would you want to sell for us?

Here's just a few of the reasons:

1. Stable: We are a leader in our industry providing a service that will always be in need
2. Leads: We utilize a priority marketing strategy to deliver tons of hot leads daily, no cold calling, EVER! Work as early as you like, stay as late you want, we have more leads then we can handle right now!
3. Supportive: Proven training program that will set you up for success
4. Lucrative: Compensation plan that matches your sales success to your commission
5. Growth: Our Company’s growth means advancement opportunities for you


What we're looking for:

(if you can sell over the phone, we want you!)

We are hiring - What you need to do:

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We are hiring - What you need to do